Hold the Vision, Trust the Process, and You’ll See It’ll All Bear Fruit in the End

When Will the Process Start Trusting Me?

4 min readMar 6, 2023
A grafitti-like painting on the wall with the words (in green) saying, “trust your struggle.” To depict the topic’s message about whether or not one should trust the process or whatever it is theyr’e going throug
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“Trust the Process,” They Said.

But when Does the Process Start to Trust Me?

When does it stop?
There has to be a point when you don’t have to try that sh**t anymore,
When does the process start to trust me?
Does it have to be a one-way street, always “trust the process”?
What happened to reciprocation?

How many times do we have to fall?
Is there a stipulated amount of time?
Then it would be easy because we’d just be ticking it off,
At least we’d know when we’re almost there.

But then again, it wouldn’t give life meaning, I guess…because we wouldn’t try to remedy the situation as we know the falling will stop and exactly when it would. So one would just sit and wait.

When does the universe stop colluding against me?
When will it stop looking like nothing works?
When will nothing stop working, and everything starts working instead?
When does it all end? Someone tell me when…

And why does my mind like playing games?
My mind playing games on my mind…
Why does it feel like it’s colluding against me with the rest?

Wait…that sounds like self-sabotage!

Is life just all about this?

It’s no longer a question of “where did the rain start beating us”? But rather, “when does the rain stop beating”?
When does the sun come out?
Does it come out in death? Does it need us to die?

Reminds me of Victor Frankl’s “man’s search for meaning.”
I read it,
Turning the pages frantically because it’s a to-die-for page-turner!
And because I was looking for that one sentence that defines the meaning of life for me.
But no, to my disappointment, I didn’t find that magic sentence.
Instead, I found a secret; one that’s laid bare in plain eyesight, yet our minds and eyes are too busy focusing on the why’s and when’s,

The secret was that;

Your whole life in and of itself is the meaning.

Your daily life is a search for meaning. You don’t get one thing that tells you this is the meaning of life. But rather, the discoveries, challenges, joys, getting lost and finding yourself, questions and their answers or those left unanswered…that’s the meaning. You’re living the meaning of your life. You only need to find meaning, fulfillment, and joy each day…

Look at the triumphs as motivators and failures as an invitation to step back and review or change course.

Illuminated white writings reading, “this is the sign you’ve been looking for.” To depict the idea of the passage, that we’re looking for something and long so desperately to be told what it is in plains sight.
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So, how about you say;

“About thinking the process doesn’t trust me, about the universe ganging up against me; maybe it’s all that life is meant to be made up of. And so I choose to look at it this way:”

The falls will give me beautiful scars to remind me of my journey when I reach the finish line,
The rain will help hide my tears and help me recognize and appreciate the warmth when the sun comes out,
And when the sun is so hot I feel like it’s scorching or sent to burn me, I’ll look at the admirable suntan I’ll emerge with at the end,
When sleep evades me, I’ll look at it as an opportunity to clock in a few more hours,
And when the universe gangs up against me, I’ll see it as things happening for me and not to me.

Because in the end, I need to trust the process and…

Focus on the positives, draw meaning and lessons from the negatives, and breathe through it all.
Because in the end,
In hindsight, it’ll all make sense, have a meaning, and make me appreciate the present when I look back at the lows and how they felt Vs. How it feels now.

Maybe I need to trust the process after all.
Maybe I’m the one who lost trust in it and thinks it’s against me, so it’s just reacting to my treachery.
Maybe the process isn’t the process, but I am the process. I’m part of it; it depends on me, my efforts, goals, plans, consistency, and attitude…

Maybe that’s what life is all about, after all…It’s all about trusting me, trusting the process.




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