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The Benefits of Affirmations

3 min readMar 9, 2022
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Define Affirmation.

It is a positive proclamation used to accustom one’s mind to believe something and drive them to actualise it. Affirmations play an important role of silencing the negative voices in one’s head and external beliefs, ultimately enhancing positive change and self-image.

The Benefits:

1. They ensure you feed yourself first

With so much negativity around us, affirmations speak to and feed the mind and soul with only positive throughts. Consequently, when the rest of the world, negativity, low self-esteem, negative self-talk and peer pressure check in, they find you full with no extra room for baggage..

Your number one job should be to fill yourself up and keep your cup full~Oprah Winfrey.

2. Affirmation Prevents the Manifestation of What You’re Told by Others

Affirmations program the mind into believing something.

Without them, you neither have something to hold on to, a belief to ground you, nor an anchor to hold you in place all day. As a result, anything is welcome, and whatever people say about you or believe you to be is what you choose to believe in and work towards; in which case you find yourself on a downward spiral if these things are negatives or meant to bring you down.

3. Affirmations Ground You.

With affirmations, you define yourself instead of leaving this task to society, in which case your definition will be subject to stereotypes, misinterpretations and ill intentions.

Imagine someone calls you an idiot yet deep down you know you aren’t, you will not walk around believing and behaving like one. On the flip side, one who is not grounded in their belief about self-worth will believe this and even refer to themselves as an idiot. This is why some people’s speeches are punctuated by statements such as “I’m just an idiot’.

The danger of this is that you’re unconsciously affirming this fact and letting others; and eventually, negative self-talk, define you instead of choosing to condition your mind to believe in your greatness. Accepting society’s wrongful definition consequently makes others treat you just the way you present yourself, this means even those who believed otherwise will go with what you believe. The result is missed opportunities, lost respect, inability to harness your potential and living in a reality that others have created for you instead of your own.

4. Affirmations Give You Power

Affirmations place you in a secure space characterised by self-assurance about your destiny and goals. With this, you can comfortably say “no” to things that don’t align, eventually giving you back your power. This is because whoever imposes something on you has power over you because they decide for you, but refusing them communicates back to them and the universe that, ‘no, what I believe about myself is different, and that is what we are going with’. Eventually, the universe aligns! And the naysayer no longer has power over your mind.

The repetitive positive self-talk and statements give it power, making it take a front seat in the mind and have control over one’s actions and reactions.

Meditate, visualise and create your own reality and the universe will simply reflect back to you~Amit Ray.


Affirmations’ ultimate advantage is that they help you decide and define who you are. With affirmations, you are grounded in an unwavering sense of what you believe about yourself, hence, others’ doubt in you or contrary beliefs don’t count. This places you in an excellent position to fulfil your goals and destiny amidst the many noises in both the world and in the head.




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