“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”Winston Churchill.

Never Stop Moving

3 min readJun 4, 2023
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“Life is movement. once you stop moving, you’re dead. choose life.” -Eugen Sandow

Left. Right. Left. Right. One step in front of the other.

Never stop, keep going, only then do you keep pressing toward your destiny, only then do you keep collecting what’s meant to come, only then will you reach your goal because sometimes one gives up only when they’re this close to success, when it’s just around the corner but because you felt spent and all cried out you thought it’s not gonna work. But look at each turn as one more step toward your destiny, and you will sure arrive at the last one.


The secret is to never stop moving. Consistency is the key.

Just go…

When it all seems to hurt, move.

When your hands are bleeding and nails falling off, take a breather and move.

When a boulder comes from above, hits your head and makes you lose balance, steady yourself and move.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

When there’s no energy to sprint or jog, how about you crawl; that’s still some sort of move.

When there seems like there’s nothing left to live for, take a break, rejuvenate, then move.

When it’s all heartbreaking and you have not even a single ounce of energy left to sustain another heartbreak, move. Move toward that which is drawn to you and can treat your heart with the TLC it deserves. Move. You’ll find it. Or it will find you.

When what seemed like a perfectly laid plan results in an epic fail, don’t give up. That’s how progress is made. Now you know what works; review, analyze, adjust and move.

Even if it means starting from scratch, start and keep moving.

When everyone else seems to know what they’re doing and you’re the only one who is lost, move.

Trust me, they’re probably as lost as you are, if not more. So move!

I like Shawn Mendes’ analogy, “if you’re ever afraid just picture everybody naked.” I reckon you’ll suddenly feel like you’re the only one in the audience who isn’t an idiot, the only one who is dressed, you may even find yourself laughing through your nervousness…and suddenly you won’t feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t have their life figured out. And you’ll find the psyche to move.

When it all fails, don’t be scared to start and keep moving.

Life only stops when you stop. Otherwise it depends on you to tell it what to do, where to go. The universe will only conspire to work in your favor based on the energy you exude. So send it the right vibes; that you wanna keep moving, you got this, you won’t give up or in, and it’ll fall in line. It’ll eventually dance to your rhythm, so move.

So, dear love, never stop moving. No matter how hard it gets, it’ll feel good and yield results in the end. And the moves you make when you feel like giving up are the most difficult, but the most powerful, fulfilling, and May just be the last magic straw you need, your magical hail mary.

So, keep moving, your life depends on it. The universe depends on it to respond. Your destiny depends on it to manifest.





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