“One foot in front of the other, eyes on the goal ahead, and you unlock possibility for almost anything .”~~Joes De Sena

Footprints of Resilience: Stories Told by My Shoes

3 min readFeb 23, 2024
A picture of footprints in the sand with a waterbody and a bridge at the horizon, used to signify the journey and the hope that waits beyond.
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Footprints and feet in the sand, on the grass, on concrete, in the mountains, the rough and smooth terrains, on soft padded surfaces, on a marathon track and a sports arena, dangling from a high seat or planted on the floor, in shoes; closed, open, new or old, torn, patched up, padded, or no shoes at all; imprints on a sandy beach or a freshly washed floor, a deep footrpint because you sunk into the mud too deep, or a long ugly one becasue you slid on a slippery surface….

One day your shoes will tell your story,
Of everywhere they went,
Every room they stepped into,
Every opportunity you went for,
Every door you knocked on or that they knocked down.

One day they’ll tell of:
How you stumbled,
And how your feet got you up,
And still carried you, forged forward…
And how they stubbornly stuck to one foot in front of the other even when your knees refused to comply…but your feet held on and forged forward.

You shoes harbour stories of:
How you made strides and imprinted impact in the sand,
Only for the waves to come by and wash them away.
And how sometimes you walked for miles but there was no mark at all!
Or how at times the footmarks were too conspicuous and permanent in a place you wanted them erased…
And no matter how you scrubbed they didn’t go away.
And how sometimes you had to divert from a long path where you had spent ages marking your presence.

Some day they’ll tell of…
The beautiful places they went to…
The magic, the breathtaking scenes,
The feel of the grass on your bare feet, and the star-studded runways you strutted.

Some day…

If you just hold on,
Hold on to the process, the hope, your gaze upon the horizon and the compelling light at the end of the tunnel.

If you just hold on,
Because maybe you’re just almost there.

And your feet will have gone with you to all these places,
And you’ll both sit at the edge of the cliff,
Overlooking the endless beauty beyond, enjoying the soothing breeze,
With your feet dipped in the therapeutic water beneath,
Sipping on something refreshingly delightful,
Telling stories of all the experiences that led to this very moment…Relishing each memory…

And appreciating that all the sweat, smiles, tears, pain & joy were a worthy admission fees to the bliss at the end.

A picture of a lady from the back, seated on a boat and relaxing with her hands interlaced behind her head, parked still in beautiful blue waters and overlooking breathtaking hilly horizon; depicting a break you can catch and the end.
Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Maybe a boat or some kind of ride will come by and give you and your feet a break
And you’ll sit back and enjoy the view.

Some day…

If you could just keep going and hold on a little longer.




I see extra in the ordinary & use words to paint it; fueled by a quest for mental health. Lover of forests, fitness, nature, good food & reading & a coffee snob