Exercise plays a vital role for an improved sex life

Exercises for Better Sex

6 min readMay 22, 2022
A picture of a painting on the ground on a street. The painting is a green arrow pointing ahead with the words, “better days ahead,” used to depict the future improvement exercises can bring to sex life.
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Want to stay happy with and attracted to each other? Try having a good sex life! There’s a whole lot of info about how to keep the fire burning, but why let it die in the first place? You could work towards a body that keeps you on toes…or on fire!

Better sex doesn’t demand flexibility only—Hello Kama Sutra—but also:
a)Physical strength
b) Heart health; this ensures you effortlessly handle an increased heart rate.
c) Muscle elasticity for increased range of motion
d) Stress management; you’ll be more relaxed and present
e) Confidence
f) An attractive physique—It’s said that there’s a gender that responds more to visual stimuli; this should keep them on their toes.

How do you get all these? Exercise plays a vital role for your hormones, heart, nervous system, muscles, weight management (gain or loss), and better blood flow to the erogenous areas hence better arousal and climax, eventually tremendously boosting your sex drive.

Let’s dive into the details of exercises that can help.

1. Core workouts

A picture of a topless guy with a toned torso showing 6-packs, and he’s holding a guitar above his undressed pelvic area. It’s used to depict a strong core.
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Core exercises hit your torso and pelvis.

Working your core improves your balance and stability. It also strengthens the abdomen and gives you better blood flow in the pelvic and abdominal areas.

The result? Better arousal and climax, easily support yourself, handle certain positions, and for the guys, you can effortlessly lift her like a paperweight. Ladies don’t try lifting him; I saw a video of a lady lifting her bf off the floor onto the kitchen counter…I don’t know about your guy, but it didn’t end well for her.

2. Cardio

Picture of a lady jogging across a bridge with water visible by the bridge and buildings in the horizon. It’s used to enhance the them of cardio, which running is part of.
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Cardio is any exercise that heightens your heart rate. It’s not only running, but also swimming, rope skipping, burpees, walking, and cycling.

To boot, strength training done fast and with minimal to no breaks between sets also counts. Why? It gives your heart almost no time to catch a breath.

How does cardio help sex drive?

i) It enhances blood flow
Your body experiences better blood circulation, including areas like the pelvic floor and sexual organs. Your guess is correct! It results in better arousal and climax!

ii) It increases your heart rate
Who wants to run out of breath aimlessly in the line of duty?! Do you?
Can you imagine saying, “hang on let me catch a breath”… Even worse, ever heard of people who die during sex?
Well, I guess I don’t need to explain further how the high heart rate thanks to cardio helps…your heart gets used to increased activity.

3. Squats

A picture of a lady (the writer) in a squat position (on a balcony overlooking a forest, in a white tennis skirt, grey sports bra, and black Asics shoes) demonstrating how to do the perfect quat.
Pic by Fitque Sylvie Amayo

Squats tone your butt and make them more attractive…thinking of David Beckham’s or JLO’s butt. If your partner finds you attractive, you’ll be happy, as proven by research that links appearance satisfaction to sexual function.

Picture showing the back view of a lady with a perfectly toned butt and legs, standing behind a paddle board at the edge of the water body.
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Squats enhance butt strength and also open up the thighs and groin; this means a better range of motion-think of splits. Additionally, they improve the pelvic area’s blood flow and muscle tightness hence better arousal and climax.

4. Planks

A picture of a lady in a plank position at the gym.
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Can you plank for 45 seconds or more? Think of how you could use that!

Anyway, back to the point; Planks strengthen your core and back, and improve your staying power, that is, the ability to hold a position for long.

5. Kegels

Kegels strengthen the pelvic muscles.
And yes, there are Kegel exercises for men too. Check it out if it doesn’t make you cringe. Spoiler Alert: They prevent premature ejaculation.

Kegels work on the pelvic floor, guaranteeing an Intense big O for all genders.

6. Yoga

Picture by the writer-Sylvie-demonstrating a Stretch/Yoga Pose. She’s posing with her face touching her knees and hands clasping her ankles from behind, such that she’s bent over half-way from her waist.
Picture by Fitque Sylvie Amayo

Yoga makes you malleable.

Malleability—An object’s ability to obediently bend left right center as commanded…sorry; as instructed…

Yoga stretches your muscles, increasing their range of motion and flexibility. You’re better placed to move, bend, stretch, breathe, and twist effortlessly.

It also improves blood flow-Remember the improved big O courtesy of better blood flow?

Your spine, which is also targeted during yoga, plays a role in better flexibility.

7. Donkey Kicks, Hip Thrusts & Side Donkey Kicks

A picture of the writer in a donkey-kick position in an indoor workout station with plants, a white weighing machine, and a purple yoga mat underneath her.
Pic of Yours Truly: How-to for Donkey Kicks

How to do donkey kicks:

On all fours, keep your body from the base of the spine to the neck in a straight line. Next, facing down, lift one leg off the ground and kick backward. You could either maintain a 90-degree angle at the knee such that your sole is facing the ceiling/sky or a 180-degree angle such that your leg stays straight while kicking backward.

Side donkey kicks are the same as the 90-degree kick, but your leg goes to the side instead of backward.

How do they improve sex drive?

i) Strong thighs, stable core, arms, chest, and back, enhancing your stability, strength, staying power and flexibility.

ii) Toned butt and body

Talk about the infamous saying, “I work out to look better naked”. Now, forget about the blood flow and toned muscles; how can looking better naked not boost sex drive?!
The toning also boosts your confidence, and confidence makes you attractive, regardless of body shape and size.

8. Arm Workouts

A picture of a guy in the gym doing biceps curls
Photo by Ömer Haktan Bulut on Unsplash

What do the arms have to do with sex drive?! Yeah, I know…

Well, sex is also mental, so it helps if your partner is crazy about toned arms. Toned arms also make you stronger; hence you can support yourself better and longer, or lift her easily.

If you’re celibate, flaunting the arms and feeling good and confident while waiting for sex after marriage!


  1. Cardio gifts you breathlessness thanks to improved blood flow and heart rate.
  2. Enhances muscle strength, flexibility, stamina, and staying power, improving arousal and staying ability.
  3. Butt, arm & core workouts: A toned body, butt, arms, core, and back mean strength and attractiveness, hence a better sex experience.
  4. Exercise alleviates stress. In the end, you’re happier and present, hence a better sex experience.
  5. Better health, an excellent toned body, and endorphins enhance confidence, making you a better performer and giver and more attractive to others.
  6. Exercise prevents premature ejaculation.

Regardless of your fitness level, there’s something you can pick from the list, so go for it and improve your health and sex life. Need a starter pack, try any of these easy-to-follow home workouts.




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