God often speaks loudest when we’re quietest~~Mark Batterson

Create Room to Attract the Right Energy

2 min readMar 29, 2023
A picture of hands holding out a string of glittering lights in the backdrop of a dark horizon with red colors in the surrounding sky. It depicts one setting themselves apart so they can glow to attract the same glow from however far it is.
Photo by Natalya Letunova on Unsplash

When you set aside the noises, crowds, and unnecessary connections, you set yourself apart to be visible to the right eyes,
You glow, even in the dark, for what is meant to find you,
You see things clearly…
Those that’ve been right before your eyes all this time, but you never noticed them,
You create room for the right things;
You exude the right energy, and it radiates to attract the right reciprocating energy from the universe.
You meet the right people and find yourself in the right places,
Sometimes unknowingly, you only realize they’re the right connections once you’re there and, in hindsight, think, “hmmm, now I see why my day led me here.”
Some will be delivered to you in the most interesting ways. Still, in the end, you discover that the universe listened to you, felt your energy, and sent it to a like-minded destiny, which was automatically drawn to you in return.

And it draws you to your purpose & destiny, known or otherwise.

But also, you need to be wise enough to identify the outliers.
To know not to follow each path or do everything and anything that comes your way. Some look shiny, attractive, irresistible, and somehow aligned with your destiny, yet they aren’t.

Only when you intentionally set aside the noises and crowds.




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