Sometimes when you lose your way, you find yourself~Mandy Hale

A Whole New World Awaits Beyond the Unknown

4 min readDec 7, 2023
A picture of a lady on a swing swinging forward into a foggy narrow space between two steep cliffs. It signifies a jump into the unknown or murky waters but going anyway
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

I left familiar grounds,
Walked away from a world well known to me,
Into swung into the unknown.
I dared to risk everything comfortable in for the unknown,
I walked all the way to the edge of the familiar,

And in the end, at the backdrop of all the familiarity beckoning me to return,
There stood a whole new world…voices from a distant…

Turns out at the edge there’s more,
An unexplored horizon,
Dormant potential,
New things to experience and lessons to learn,

And all the discomfort while walking away from the known,
All the sweat, jitters, nervousness and anxiety,
All the pain, discomfort and self-doubt,
All the spent energy and desire to return that was so convincing that a few times I almost turned back…in fact, sometimes I did give into the temptation and took a few steps back before forging forward…

See….All these experiences along the way…

Turns out, they were preparing me for this moment at the edge of the world.
Helping me build strength and resilience, create space for what is to come.
It must have been my trues self and spirit trying to break through the baggage and darkness, and illuminate more light in me…

Because while I felt lost, unknown even to myself, and tempted to return,
There was a whole new world at the edge of the comfort zone.

Turns out beyond…
There’s a cliff underneath which there lies unfathomable beauty and opportunities,

I was scared of the height, and at the thought of no parachute once I get to the edge and need to jump…

But it turns out I didn’t need one…or I had one already, so to speak…
The journey itself was the strength I needed. Because in the end it collated into a collage of everything necessary to make it over that cliff. It turned out to be the wings, courage and strength that would propel me to jump, effortlessly, over the cliff into the world beyond.

Because when you get at the edge and your whole journey has prepared you for the jump, there’s no question, no doubt, no ifs. Just an automatic jump.

Because you trust that you have everything it takes to take the jump.
And that it is worth the risk.
That even though you might get a bruise here, a short breath there, a twisted ankle here, doesn’t matter, because you’ve built immunity…and those things will heal anyway.

Because nothing compares to the cooling wind on your face,
The breeze brushing on your skin,
The fresh air…
At the edge of the cliff when you arrive and lean over.

Because you know you dared to leave the known for the unknown, and trusted that there’s light at the end…and your divine and true self will be there to catch you…

So don’t be afraid to listen to that voice nudging you…
To try,
To start something new,
To choose discomfort over short-term comfort,
To optfor delayed gratification,
To be honest with yourself and call yourself for meetings,
To feel lost, sometimes scared, even, and tempted to give up…

Because all that is just the other side of you…the scared side pulling you back. While your optimal side is trying to fight and break out of the walls you’ve put them in…hence the discomfort.

But when you trust yourself, trust the process, and keep going,
You’ll win in the end.
And discover a whole new world out there.

And realize that at the edge of it…that’s when living starts.

That there’s a cool breeze, fresh air, promise, opportunity and much more beyond your comfort zone.

That getting lost isn’t a problem, but stopping the journey is.

That to find yourself you need to get lost first. Only then will you be uncomfortable enough to search. That the losses along the way were just the universe matching your energy; responding to what you wanted so badly, and shedding off the unwanted to create space for your full potential and what you deserve.

And indeed when you arrive,
You will jump over the cliff and realize that…
There’s a cool breeze, fresh air, beauty, unexplored horizons, potential, new connections…and a whole new world at the edge.

All waiting for you.

Just because you dared to risk the known, peel off the mask to let in the light…and walk to the edge of the world into the unknown.

So, go.




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